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2 Decades and “Always”: Celebrating Harry Potter 20th Anniversary

Celebrating the biggest day of wizarding world- Celebrating Harry Potter 20th Anniversary. 
harry-potter, harry-potter-20th-anniversary
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
It was on 26th June 1997, an otherwise not-so-happening year, when a small production house named Bloomsbury decided to publish a book of a new author. The book was about a boy wizard and his journey. That was just the beginning.

20 years, 7 books and 8 movies later, we have a lifetime of memories.

JK Rowling (she needs no introduction) has given the world a masterpiece wrapped in magic. In all those “Wingardium Leviosa” and “Alohomora”, the Mirror of Erised and Philosopher’s Stone, a fandom was created, with millions around the world relishing the enchanted world.

On the eve of Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary, and being a fan (that word sometimes seems underrated), I had to pen a tribute to the saga.

If someone asks me why I like the Harry Potter series so much (and by that, I mean both books and movies), I will probably have no answer. Because it has made me speechless!? Because it hit right where it feels?!

Me and Harry Potter Books

I was introduced to the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001, when I discovered it lying in the corner of a dusty bookshelf in my school library.

I picked it up and turned the pages. It seemed dull, but the front cover had the picture of a boy standing in front of a train and the number 9 ¾. It glared in the red glorious undertone. I issued it.

In Harry’s massive expedition, I became an equal part. I was happy when he was happy. I wanted to torture the Dursley’s for tormenting Harry. Involuntarily, my life tangled with his, and he became one of the first few (imaginary) friends that I had.

Who doesn’t love (and idolize) Hermione?
harry-potter-and-the-sorcerer's-stone, harry-potter, philosopher's-stone, harry-potter-20th-anniversary
Hermione Granger | Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
To be honest, it was not the titular character that I fell in love with, but it was his nerdy best friend Hermione Granger who caught my attention. She was studious, she was not liked by her peers and she was relatable.

Although I don’t have the curly bushy hair, the connection is more emotional you see. She is like my fictional soul sister. I have always idolized her and still do. (Not ashamed at all!)

Harry’s journey from the closet under the stairs in number four Private Drive to the nerve-wrecking, pulse-beating encounter with Voldemort in the dungeons of Hogwarts, the appeal has always been captivating.

He defeated a giant three head dog!! I want to fight a giant three head dog as well! Okay, on second thought, maybe not.

Anyone in Gryffindor *Raises Hand*

Like all other Potterheads, I have been waiting for my acceptance letter from Hogwarts, but never got it. Maybe the postal address went wrong. *sigh* Gryffindor was always for the win. I was in the red house and proudly had the red and golden lion sigil drawn on all my notebooks.

I still remember asking my mom for a pet owl. The glare! (I regretted having asked her that.) I also remember having a Harry Potter color book (I was too old but…) that I used to happily color away on the sketches inscribed on the pages. Those days!

Who’s #TeamSnape?

Before moving further to ship characters and teams, I solemnly declare that I am #TeamSnape.
harry-potter-and-the-sorcerer's-stone, harry-potter, philosopher's-stone, harry-potter-20th-anniversary
Professor Severus Snape | Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Now don’t hate me for saying this (I am focusing on the first book only, so no judgment!) but I hated Snape in the first book. He was like the sulking Chemistry teacher who would punish us for no apparent reason and was always in a bad mood. Such an ass.

Dumbledore was cool! He is like the best principal one can ever ask for. And Hagrid, the cutie pie. Ron, not so much. Draco Malfoy, my first love. *butterflies*

The connection I felt with the characters was enough to forge a bond for the rest of my life. In the real world, the only thing that seemed real to me was the life at Hogwarts.

The wise words highly reflected in the book has helped me to move on in life, to face adversities with courage, to be not ashamed of who I truly am, to embrace life as it is, to miss loved ones, to have true friends.

Okay, that got heavy.

But, in a nutshell, I have learned a few things from the Philosopher’s Stone.

What I Learned From Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Truth is a beautiful and terrible thing and should be dealt with caution.
  • It is not bad to be well-read and a know-it-all.
  • Stand up for what is wrong, even if it means you are alone, even if it means you have to stand against the people you love.
  • Dream hard- but never forget to live your life.
  • Too much envy can lead to destruction.
  • The saddest person can love the hardest.
  • Don’t underestimate anyone.

Phew, that felt good.

No, this book isn’t just a piece of literature for me. It is life. It is happiness “until the very end.” And I am pretty sure millions around the world feel mutual.

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