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25 Facts About Being 25 Years Old You Will Relate To Soon

Yes, it’s my birthday and I am still brooding about the fact that I am turning 25. (Did You Wish Me On Twitter?)

Being 25 years old means it is not easy anymore. You learn so many things yet you are so naïve.

It was not until a few years back that I realized what life truly is. 
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Facts About Being 25 Years Old | She Scribbles
I am not going to use fancy words, neither am I going to use a flowery language. I am a woman who has grown to love simplicity in life. Unnecessary complications, be it in daily life or in words, is completely needless and redundant.

My grandfather used to say, ‘No knowledge imparted is ever gone to waste.’ You might be 25 or more, or maybe you still have to wait for the clock to turn till you blossom. But since I already have, it is my solemn duty to tell you what I have learnt.Life is as simple as you make it.

1. You are responsible for making it complicated as well.

2. Your parents are your biggest pillars. They are your biggest fans. So treat them right.

3. Your parents are always (at least 95% of the time) right. Listen to them!

4. The older you get, truly the wiser you become. (Yeah, you will probably lose your mind when you are 25!)

5. Having two good friends is always better than having 10 bad ones.

6. You are exactly what you think you are.

7. You are defined by the choices you make, and not by your abilities.

8. Being kind is not overrated. Sometimes hugging others tightly can join your broken pieces as well.

9. Don’t be too kind, the world is full of vicious people and they WILL take advantage of you.

10. Honesty is never the best policy. Lie only when you need to.

11. The urge to hog the spotlight diminishes quite significantly. You will always want to be left alone. By yourself!

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12. It is your character that determines the type of person you are, not the number of cigarettes you smoke.

13. People will judge you no matter how much of a saint you are. So be a badass with a good heart!

14. Faith in oneself, faith in greater good and faith in humanity is the key to success. Others will undermine you and will pull you down. Whether you want your wings clipped or you want to soar the highs, depends on you. So make a wise choice.

15. If you are ready to reach the destination, accept the journey (and it is not easy), and also the cost of the expedition.
being-25-years-old-means, turning-25-years-olf-jokes, being-25-years-old, being-25-years-old-quotes, facts-about-being-25-years-old, she-scribbles
Facts About Turning 25 Years Old | She Scribbles
16. Your dreams are more important than the next door auntie’s criticism.

17. Never ever give up on your dreams. A life of compromise is not a life worth living.

18. It is never too late to start afresh.

19. Love is overrated.

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20. No matter how many times you get your heart broken, you will always find the right person in the most unexpected of the places.

21. Your soul mate is the person with whom you have the maximum differences.

22. If you love someone with all your heart, you won’t mind making little changes.

23. Books are your best friend. A pen and a paper are better companions than any soul. Sip on a nice glass of wine and enjoy the words woven on the pages. Life cannot get better than that.

24. Smile, keep smiling and smile some more till your cheeks hurt.

25. Travelling is the mantra to refresh yourself. Find our true self.

Pheww. That is quite heavy. These are the facts about being 25 years old. I have come a long way and have a long way to go. This is only but just the beginning. I have big dreams and it can be safely assumed that being 25 years old has led me on a path to self-discovery.

Until next year!

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