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Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

Bonkers! Simply bonkers!

Okay, so amidst all the leaks and spoilers, we finally got to see the 6th episode of Game of Thrones Season 7.  And there are just two words, epically berserk!
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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Review 
Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 leaked online has been making the headlines ever since HBO Spain aired it mistakenly for an hour, which was long enough for some to record and put online. And I watched it and have been ever since dying to put this review online. But patience is virtue!

Now that it has officially aired, this review is just the need of the hour.

And if you still haven’t seen it, well, SPOILER ALERT!

Beyond the Wall

So Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is arguably one of the most non-Game of Thrones episode. It was hitting hard and felt like D&D let their inner child write the script. Though many fans have complained about the insane pace the season has been rolling in, Jon and Co. travelling to the North of the Wall was required and prelude too many such fore coming episodes.

We continue with the seven heroes on their journey to find a wight, capture it and bring it to Kings Landing to prove their threat. No way was there not going to be any casualty. Except for those few (introduced only to die) characters, the major deaths were Thoros of Myr, who succumbed to attack from zombie polar bear, Uncle Benjen, who died saving Jon and Viserion (The Night King should participate in Olympics!).

The battle scene had some epic overhead shots, especially Dany and her dragons saving the day. They are successful but only by paying the bitter price. The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones is known for its action sequence, though it was not the greatest, it was definitely spectacular.

P.S. A major discovery, kill the White Walker, the entire horde he turned dies. So kill The Night King, Westeros is safe again!

The Ice Dragon

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Viserion resurrected by The Night King/ Game of Thrones Season & Episode 6 Review 
So when Jon, Aunt Dany, and dragon cousins were burning some white asses, The Night King showed his excellent javelin throwing skills and killed poor Viserion. (Kinda hard luck. Stays locked in an underground chamber for two years. Finally got free. Sat out the first major battle and died in the second one).

Viserion Game of Thrones is pulled out from the icy water, and resurrected by Mr. Blue eyes. The episode cuts to a chilling shot of icy blue eyes and is a massive cliffhanger but I am still coming out of it. *Tissues*

Love is in the air, nopes, boat  

When Viserion died and Uncle Benjen saved Jon’s pretty abs, I mean ass, (whatever!), they finally sail towards the capital along with the captured wight. Dany sees Jon’s chiseled abs with scars and is spellbound (not sure for which though).

And then, *fan girls scream*, Jon metaphorically bends the knee to “Dany” (awwww) and holds his queen’s hand. It was a moment with too many feels. I was blushing. They look at each other longingly (kiss already!), while Jon consoles the mother who just lost one of her babies.

The scene is heartfelt and hints at a romantic association, which we hope will happen in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7.

The scrappy assassin creeds

While too much was happening beyond the wall, we got a glimpse of Winterfell, where Arya and Sansa are already bickering. Sansa discovers the bag of faces and Arya goes all scary badass on her by playing the Game of Faces. 

The plot seems a bit forced, but it does get intense with all the heavy dialogues and brooding. (The Stark children are actually good at brooding. Maybe they should have a Brood-off).

To Conclude 

All in all, Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 doesn’t disappoint. Tormund is hilarious and I hope he gets to make “monster babies” with Brienne soon. I still have my money bet on Clegane Bowl. Ser Jorah blesses Jon and Dany. Gendry is the fastest man alive. A wight gets its jaw broken courtesy Hound. Beric’s blazing sword. (Because it was on fire).

But with so much more to happen, the scene is set for the next episode. And I can’t wait.

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