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Post Indian Independence Day, Let’s Face the Realities

I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but if you are, pay close attention. 

No, this is no article on Game of Thrones or some witty commentary on my obsessions. This is an open letter. 

An open letter to all. For all who are reading this article. 
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Indian Independence Day 
With celebrations swamping the entire country, Indian Independence Day marked its 71st anniversary today. Patriotic songs blasting in the microphones installed on every corner of the street. Schools and colleges participating in glamorous showdowns by hosting and conspicuously recording it on camera. 

In the capital, our Prime Minister Mr Modi gave a great speech (yet again) on how acche din are still on the cards for us. The blood pumping, the hearts racing. The feeling of nationalism and patriotism running through the veins. 

But let us stop for a moment.

Look around you. What do you see?

Poverty, illiteracy, despair, death, hopelessness, misery and despotism. All personified. 

And what are we doing? Nothing. What am I doing? Nothing. 

We all are sitting in our homes hoping that the violent situation in Kashmir will improve, someday. That innocent people killed in the name of religion will be spared, someday. That dividing ourselves from within will only be a thing of the past, someday. That every lie we are fed by the media and the politicians will stop, someday. 

But it’s only a wishful thinking. 

70 years after independence, the question that still haunts many- are we really independent? 

We are still in the clutches of orthodox opinions, conformist judgments, and dual standards, which in the 21st century, have little to no significance.

Widows are still an outcast in the society, rape victims are publically shamed for no faults of their own, child marriage is still prevalent, people are dying of hunger, children are coaxed to death due to lack of oxygen (Gorakhpur massacre), Indian media bias in politics, there are no jobs and the list is actually long.

Is this what means to be free? To be independent? I don’t know. 

But today, I write this letter on the eve of Independence Day because I think it matters. Now the most. 

#Poverty is the new rich  

Let us look at poverty. Demonetization was supposed to a big move that would improve the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product). People faced the inconvenience of the greatest sorts, people died. But the latest survey has deemed that there has been a drop in the GDP. So no economic growth? Shocking! 

The Poverty line in India is slowly disappearing behind all the rising unemployment, note ban and price hike. The rich are becoming richer, the poor are becoming richer, and the middle class is getting bamboos in their ass.

#Education is overrated 

Why don’t we talk about education? With so much potential, we lack the infrastructure. Why? Maybe because we believe in reservation and not deservation. Those capable are either are rejected by the esteemed colleges (low marks you see) or they fly away to some foreign destination for the chances of finding a better job is anywhere but here!

“Atithi Devo bhava” (Guests are Gods!). We can go to their country because ours doesn’t provide many opportunities, yet when someone deservingly cracks into the reputed institution of Indian Institute of Technology, we rumple on social media. We disrespect his mother and give death threats to his brother. Yes, that is exactly how we treat guests? Can you complain any further? 

#Media house fest 

And then there is Indian media…feeding all sorts of lies and bearing the flag of absolutism. The great big names of the Indian media are busy either promoting violence or blaming each other. Opinions in the name of journalism are what sells. Fabricated and half-fed truth and packs of lie are given to us in the name of news. 

Of all, more than 70 children dying in a week in the Gorakhpur tragedy is something that everyone should be ashamed of. But wait, the blame game is on, and there is no stopping to that. And the role of media, oh, they have their sides picked. Ask Mr Goswami please! 

Are you a cow? You better be! 

Rapes, murders, loots; cows are safer in this country than humans are. You have a better chance of surviving then! 

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70 years! 

I can’t do anything. I am not that brave. I am a coward, just like the rest of us. As I write this down, I am scared. Of things, I have no idea of. 

I want to write so much, yet space restricts me. It’s been 70 years that we freed ourselves from the terrifying clutches of the British Rule. Yet, here we are, falling into the depth of anguish, which has no end. It is all black. 

With forced patriotism, there is no getting anywhere. We are fighting, clawing, hardly breathing.  Will we ever come out of it? Well, I guess, time will tell us. 

Today, I hope, with every word that type, I can induce some spirit to fight against what is wrong and what is dreading. But I am a coward, just like the rest of us. 

This independence day, let’s think. 

This independence day, let’s work together to be free.


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